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“parle” is the local French slang term for “to ask someone for advice or help.” I would never call a friend to ask for help, but it’s still possible. “Parle namkeen” is actually French for “to ask someone to help you.

I don’t know how accurate the translation is of parle namkeen is, but I think it’s accurate enough. I just made that up just to be funny.

The parle namkeen is actually a very common phrase in France, so you should be fine to use it. It’s just a word to remember when you’re thinking about someone you want to ask for advice or help.

Parle namkeen was originally a game of chance with two players, you and the giver, or whoever was making the request. There are a few different interpretations of the word. One of those is that it means to ask someone to give you a gift, like a job, money, or a gift. Another is that it means to ask someone to help you.

The giver could be a friend or a stranger or a stranger friend can be a good idea to ask someone to help someone with a job, so the word itself could be used to mean the same thing.

The game’s main character is a young girl who takes on the role of a friend, though she has no friends. She doesn’t even have a boyfriend. She still has her own friends, but they are all friends and they can get along without a problem. She also has a brother whom she keeps at home, but only because she likes to give him her money.

At the same time, the word itself means a kind of stranger who is willing to help someone out and is a person who is not part of a larger group. The way she functions is when people are talking about her, they will use the word parle to mean a good person and a bad person, and then she will talk about it.

Parle namkeen is, as the name suggests, the word’s literal meaning: Friend of the people. The word is used in a similar way to the word “friend” in English which means someone who is not part of a group or company. In the French language the word is used as an adjective meaning “one who is friendly” or “good friend.

Parle namkeen is something that is used as an adjective for a person who is not the kind of person who you would normally share a meal with. So in English, a person who is friends with you is a parle, but in the French language, a person who is friendly is an amis. There are people who are friendly, but they are not close friends.

Parle namkeen is, in French, a parle which happens to be a person who is friendly and good for you. For most people, that’s a parle denoting a person who is good to you.

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