The past tense of spread is spread.

Spread is the act of distributing information or media. The spreading of information is often a positive thing, but this is not always the case. When information is spread, it can be damaging to the people who are affected by it. Spread can also be a sign of something that needs attention. There are lots of examples of people spreading information that they don’t really want to be spread: gossip, lies, rumors, and even outright deceit.

People spread information for a number of different reasons, but the most common cause of spread is because they don’t know who to trust. The best way to deal with this is by learning to recognize the signs when someone is spreading a lie. If someone you know spreads a rumor, don’t believe it. The person spreading the rumor may be telling the truth, but you should really be skeptical.

If you have ever been around a group of people and they started spreading a rumor, you have seen the signs. You are very likely to jump to conclusions. You are likely to question their motives, and most likely you are going to question their integrity. If someone starts spreading a rumor of something, you should do all you can to stop them. If you cant stop them, then you should stop spreading the information.

The other side here is that many people think it’s normal to be angry. They don’t want to be in the news, so they don’t want to be in the news. They want to be heard, and if they don’t want to be heard, then they should be heard. This is a really important point. If you don’t have a reason to believe that a rumor is the truth, then you can’t trust anyone.

The way I think about this is that when we spread a rumor, we have to see it as the truth. If it’s the truth that we want people to believe, then we have to trust that it’s the truth. If you dont believe it, then you shouldnt believe it. I think this is particularly important because if you dont believe what your spreading, then you have no reason to believe anything.

This is particularly important because the spread of a rumor is more likely to be true when you see it as the truth. Just as the spread of a rumor is more likely to be true than not, the spread of a lie is much more likely to be the truth than the truth.

In this case, because the spread of the rumor is more likely to be true, you have to be sure to keep an open mind about it. You have to trust that the spread is true. You have to believe that when you see it as the truth, it’s actually the truth. You don’t have to take it at face value, but you have to give it some serious thought to be able to believe it.

I know that we are probably all aware that a lot of lies are spread through rumors, but the spread of one lie through the spread of a rumor is more likely to be true than the truth. When someone spreads a rumor that they have killed someone, it is more likely to be true than the truth. If you are spreading a rumor that you are a serial killer, the truth is likely to be much more dangerous than the lie.

The rumor is spreading, but the truth is that we can’t really kill anyone, we can only do it if we can find a way to kill them. I think there is a very good chance that we will end up killing people by spreading rumors. As a writer, I have been told that there are three ways that you can kill a person that is in the news, but you can’t just kill them. In the first of these three, find the source of the rumor.

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