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This is an interesting question, one that I find myself asking myself on many an occasion. The first time I asked myself about my primary occupation, I had no idea. I knew I was a teacher, but I had absolutely no idea how that came to be. After I had a few moments to ponder, I realized that my primary occupation is not the kind of thing you’d think of as having a primary occupation. I don’t have any formal training in anything.

You might think I’m the type of person who would be working in some office, but I’ve always been a “get-shit-done” kind of guy. I like to work on projects that I can be proud of, and I am always trying to improve my skills. So my primary occupation is a bit different… I have no idea.

The most common occupation was listed by our survey of 100,000+ people. It was the answer to the question “What is the most important job in your life?” I have no idea, but I know I’d rather be working on a project that makes me happy and I can be proud of, then work in an office.

The survey found that most people listed the same three things as the primary occupation.

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