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regi pandu is a vegan recipe that is so delicious that any vegan could probably make it. I’m a big fan of vegan recipes and this one is my favourite. I don’t know how you would get vegan food to taste the same as regular food, but with this recipe you can.

The best way to ensure that you’re eating exactly what you want is to follow the recipe exactly. Although the vegan version of this recipe calls for the use of rice flour, all the ingredients are the exact same as regular rice flour.

It’s a vegan recipe because it has no animal products in it, but in fact, it’s a super nutritious recipe with lots of veggies, nuts, and protein. This recipe also has great flavor, and it’s easy to make. My biggest tip is to look for the vegan version of the recipe and cook it that way, because that way you can taste the difference.

The reason for the vegan version is that it’s not a recipe you want to try, so you can get that recipe and make your own version of it. Personally, this recipe is perfect because it’s so much easier to make than the vegan version.

I used this recipe to make my own version of the recipe, but it works well. You can even make a vegan version of it by putting it in a pan with the other ingredients in it.

The vegan version is also super easy. The first step is to start with the same basic ingredients that you would in the regular version and cook them up in the same way. The regular version calls for using dried spices, but I like to use fresh. The other thing that you’ll notice is that the sauce is thick.

I think this is such a great and versatile recipe that I’m surprised that there isn’t more of it. The taste is quite similar to the regular version, but it’s much easier to make and the vegan version has about 25% less salt so it’s less salty for people with sensitive skin.

I love the taste of regi pandu. The sauce is so easy to make and also has an amazing taste, which is what makes it so good. Its also very easy to make, and because its easy to make, you can make it for a very large group of people so I also think it would be great for parties.

The Vegan Regi Pandu Sauce is a vegan version of the regular regi pandu recipe (which is made with soy sauce), but it’s quite easy to make, and you only need a blender. I think it would be great for a party where you have a large group of people who would like a taste of regi pandu.

Regi Pandu has a lot of different recipes that can be made easily and are vegan. It can also be made using soy sauce, and you can even make special versions that use tamarind instead of tamari. For those who are interested in making regi pandu, here is my recipe.

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