ripple factor is the ratio of

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ripple factor is the ratio of our body weight to that of a typical adult male or female.

While ripple factor is easy to calculate in the abstract, it is more difficult to measure in practice. That’s because each person’s weight varies in a variety of ways, and those differences may affect what ripple factor means to you. For instance, a person who is about six feet tall might have a much lower ripple factor than one who is a foot taller.

The real difficulty with measuring ripple factor is that it’s not really a number at all. It’s a ratio, which means that even if you have the same person’s body weight, you may have different ripple factors.

This is a great example of the word “number” being a bit misunderstood. Because the word “number” really is just a way of describing a ratio or measure. A number is like a ratio or measure of quantity. To illustrate, if a person walks six blocks, and that person walks four blocks twice, we can say that the person walks four blocks twice, and that person walks six blocks six times.

When it comes to ripple factor, there are two ways of calculating it. The first is by body weight. This is a common way of seeing the ripple factor, because most people don’t consider their body weight. In fact, if you compare a person 5’10” with a person 5’9”, the difference in body weight is actually less than 1%.

The second way of calculating ripple factor is by speed. This is how much time the person has left and when he will next walk. In fact, it is not a good way of measuring ripple factor because it doesn’t take into account the amount of time a person has actually walked. However, it does give a good idea of how fast a person is walking. It seems that the faster a person is walking, the more ripple factor he has.

The way to go faster is to make them faster. This is the way to get faster speeds. If you were to go faster, you would probably do it by car. The reason this is so important is because cars are faster. They tend to go faster because they’re more careful. So if you want to get faster, you’ll go faster.

While it is important to be careful with how much walking you do, there is an extreme case of walking that can lead to death: the walking sprint. This is where a person goes to the most extreme speeds and doesn’t stop for a split second to catch their breath. This is where a person is just walking until they’re 100 miles per hour, when they suddenly hit the speed limit. This is where you get the fastest speeds.

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