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The new Rowland Heights news post is out.

The news post is a new weekly blog post that provides updates on new events, new projects, and new members of our community. What makes this post unique is that it is not only written by the CEO of the company, but also a former employee who has now left the company.

We are proud to announce the newest addition to the Rowland Heights community. Ryan Clark has joined the team as our newest member. The post is written by Ryan, former employee, current employee, and the CEO of Rowland Heights, Brian Coyle. We wish Ryan every success and hope to see him grow as a member of our community.

The Rowland Heights team, like most of the other new community members, is mostly the result of people who have contributed to the community, and who are new to the team. We’re proud to announce that Ryan is officially the new employee of Rowland Heights, the company that created the Twitter community. Ryan knows that the community is very powerful and that he’s been involved in it ever since.

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