Siggu means “signature” in isiZulu, which would explain why we have this word for what appears to be a pretty good reason. Siggu literally means “signature” and the word “siggu” is made from sikhqaba (siggin) and gu. This means that it is not just about what one writes, but also how one writes it.

It’s not so much that these words are meaningless, as it is that they are meaningless in ways that only a very few people would understand. For example, I have no idea what a siggu means when I see it on someone’s hand. I have no idea what it means to write, or how people actually use it. But I do know it’s not meaningless. It’s just a word that has meaning in it’s own right.

I’m guessing that its a phrase that means “wish me luck.” And I’m guessing that whoever wrote it also wrote that it means “thank you,” “good job,” or “fuck you.” That is, its not meaningless. That’s because it is simply the way that people do their best to express themselves and is not a deliberate attempt to be mean.

Its like the letter A, and the letter B. They have a meaning for their own sake, but it is not in order to make it mean something. It just is. Its not meant to be mean. Its just what people do.

Siggu means thank you, good job, or fuck you. As it turns out, it literally means “sig” in English. Like the word “sigh” but with a g.

Siggu is a word that is common in a lot of languages and is essentially a greeting or farewell message. In English, it is often used as a way to express gratitude, good luck, or farewell. Its also the word for your car, but that’s a story for another post.

Siggu is one of those words that are used all over the world. For some it means you’re a good guy, for others it is a sign of honor, for others it is a good luck charm. Siggu is the word for your car. The word itself is derived from the Latin sanguis, meaning blood. It literally means “blood, blood.

Siggu is also a very common word used to say goodbye. I know I have been using it in this way for a while now.

If you have a habit of saying goodbye to someone you know, or even if you don’t you would think that you would be able to do so in person. I know many people who feel that they are doing good but I don’t think it makes a lot of difference. It’s not like they are saying goodbye to people they don’t know that they know. It’s just that they tend to do it more in person.

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