simple marathi sentences

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I want to read more marathi and start reading more marathi so I can get a deeper understanding of the language. This is something I’ve been working on as a way to help me understand the words I’m reading.

The first step toward learning a new language is to practice the sounds of the language, so practice a few sentences with a variety of sounds. Sounds such as “ra” and “da” are a few sounds that can help you learn a new word. The next step is to learn a new word.

After you learn a new word, you can practice how to say it. That’s where the practice comes in. Practice saying the word, “marathi” or “marath” or “maratha” and see if it sounds the same as the word you learned.

“Maratha” is the word that means “march”. A maratheer or marath (pronounced “marath”) is a person who is a full-time marath. A marath is usually a woman but can be a man. The word itself means “march”.

A marath is more commonly used by women in general, and also in the word marath. It is used to describe a woman’s usual lifestyle, and is often used when describing a person who is not married.

The word marath is normally used by women to describe a woman’s lifestyle.Marath means “marching.

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