spinach meaning in tamil

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This is the perfect recipe to add to your breakfast this summer or any time of year. It’s a light and satisfying meal that provides the nutrients you need to start your day right.

The Tamil word for spinach is “sambar,” which is the leaf that has become the main ingredient in spinach soups and salads. In Tamil the word for “sambar” is “sambu,” which can be translated as “spinal,” so there’s an element of gravity to this dish.

In India spinach is often used to make spinach soups, but the leaf itself is used in a different way in which it acts as a vegetable. The leaf is boiled to make a vegetable soup, and then it is chopped and mixed with different dishes. Another good use of this leaf is in making fresh salad leaves. I often use it on salads, but in the summer spinach leaves are a great addition to a light and flavorful salad, especially one that is more low in calories.

It is also used to make the leaf tea (a drink called tamil). In this tea, the leaves are boiled for a few minutes, and then strained and steamed, and the brewed tea is served in a glass cup. This tea is very similar to the leaf soup, but instead of using the leaf as the base, the leaf is used as a vegetable.

I have always liked spinach a lot. It’s a vegetable that I can eat in a variety of ways, and I like how the leaves seem to make a beautiful and refreshing salad. I really didn’t know what it meant until I started using it in a salad. Since I was making salad with spinach, I just figured that was what it was supposed to be. It was the only salad I could think of that made me feel like I was eating a vegetable.

I believe it is a type of leaf that is very popular in Asia. In Korea, it is called bibimbap. In Thailand, it is called kwayt jao. In Myanmar, it is called kwayt sikm. In Thailand, it is called kwayt tay. It is a leaf that is used in a variety of dishes. The one I am making is called cholenti.

The reason we are using spinach is that it is a lovely, soft, and beautiful salad that you can have on hand. It’s made with spinach, but you can substitute your own salad to try and make it more refreshing.

I’m going to give you a few reasons why spinach is a great salad. First of all, spinach is a wonderful salad; it has a nice dark green structure covered by a rich red colour. It also turns out to be a great salad as it has a lot of flavor (and no matter how good it is, it may not get the job done). It also has a nice texture that makes it a perfect salad.

It’s not quite as deep as other salad I’ve tried but I think it’s worth it. It has a nice texture with a lot of texture, and it’s also a great salad that’s not too thick. It also has a nice texture and texture of its own. Although this is a much easier salad to make than a salad I’m not sure what it would taste like to make.

I think it would taste like a salad of its self, or a salad that tastes like something. It does have a nice texture, and I think it would taste good. However, its not sure what it would taste like. The texture is nice and soft, but it has a nice texture that makes it a good salad.

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