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This is a pretty important C header that’s included in each C99 header file. This header is responsible for the file’s declaration of the C standard library. As such, it provides the fundamental interface for the C programming language. The complete header that can be found on the standard library website is stdio.h.

This header file defines the main file that all C programs are expected to depend on to be able to load and use a C library. This header is also used in the C standard libraries and for the C library file itself. The header stdio.

The name stdio.h derives from the fact that C is intended to be compatible with C99 programming languages. As such, the header is considered nonstandard and therefore not considered part of the C standard library, but it is included with the C library. The header file stdio.h also contains the standard library functions and structures that are expected to be found in any C program.

stdio.h includes the standard C library functions and structures. We see a few more functions in there, though it can be hard to get a grasp of how much more is in there. The functions that are included are the standard C library functions for working with files, for writing and reading data, for manipulating memory, and for doing memory operations.

On top of the standard C library functions, stdio.h includes some of the new functions from the C++ standard library.

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