stubborn meaning in punjabi

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A stubborn person is one who is incapable of being persuaded to change their mind. In some cases, stubbornness is a form of pride, as they don’t care for being told that their opinion is wrong. In other words, stubborn people are stubborn because they are proud of their mind and body.

The concept of stubbornness is very well developed in Indian culture. One of the most famous examples is the word ‘kakar’ meaning a stubborn person in Punjabi. The word is also used in the sense of one who will suffer a lot or endure a lot.

People who stubbornly disagree with you are often called “kakars” because they have been told that their opinion is wrong. This is typically a dismissive term but is also used sometimes as a generic term. In this case it’s used to imply that your opinion is wrong because of your personality, not because of what you actually know about the topic.

If you want to know what a kakar is, we suggest you watch the video from our sister site,

Kakars are stubborn and will not change their mind. In fact, kakars are so stubborn that they can break the law and even kill their own parents to protect what they believe is right. If a kakar disagrees with you, the best way to deal with him is to point out that your opinion is wrong, then explain why you think it is. The good thing is that kakars really have a lot of support right now.

Like most punjabi people, kakars have a big following and a lot of loyal supporters. They have the best community on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. There are even kakars who have moved to the UK, which is awesome. One of my favorite things about kakars is that they don’t always see eye to eye with other punjabi kakars.

kakars are also one of the hardest groups to do business with, but that is a topic for another day. They just dont see eye to eye with other groups. At the end of the day, if you do business with kakars, you are going to get a lot of support.

kakars are more of a community than a group, but as a punjabi or kakar you are going to get a lot of support, which is a great thing. If you do business with kakars, you are going to get a lot of support. That is, if you have the money and the means to do so. There are many communities that do not have as many members as a kakar, but they have a lot of support.

This is an important point to illustrate. We tend to think of kakars as “cool”, but we are in fact very similar to an old-school Punjabi community. The differences between Punjabi and kakars are that they are much more religious and less secular. They don’t really like to be called by their full name, but are called by the first letter of their last name.

There is one main difference between kakars and punjabi. The kakars are just ordinary punjabi people who live in shantytown towns that use both the kabir and the kabir. To be honest, there are only two ways to communicate with each other. One is to send out a message to whoever in the shantytown needs to send out a message.

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