at which phase are centrioles beginning to move apart in animal cells?,

The Centrosome is an organelle that has a very specific function in the cell. The Centrosome’s job is to create cilia and centrioles, which are important for cellular movement. However, it does more than just this. It also creates spindle fibers for mitosis – or cell division – as well as being responsible for making sure chromosomes get into position at the right time during mitosis! The Centrosome is what drives the movement of cells in animals. Animal cells are made up of two different components: an outer layer called the ectoplasm, and a gelatinous layer inside that’s called the endoplasm. The Centrosome moves apart from one side to another so it can create both parts – as well as other things! One theory about why this happens is because when there’s too much fluid on one side or not enough on the opposite, then its purpose becomes more difficult to carry out. Scientists also believe that this has something to do with mitosis since spindle fibers need space for themselves within these fluid layers. You could say that without their work together, we wouldn’t be able to move