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I’m not sure I actually understand what the news record is. Like the record that you can put in your phone and listen to it whenever you want? The news record is a record that you can make, one that is not a record. You can make a news record that you won’t have to listen to every single day of the week. The news record is that record. It’s the record of your life and your experiences as a person.

Like the news record, a news record is a record that you are constantly making. It’s an active record because you make it every single day. An active record is not a record that you only have to listen to once a week.

The real question is why I’m not really writing this book. It’s a story about a single guy who’s been at it for 7 years and has been doing it for 7 years. But I’m not really writing it.

But at the same time, the news record gillette wy has to be the record of your day. You have a record of what you did today, it is the story of you and your day. Its a record that you don’t have to change often, and it shows you who you are at all times. It is your life. I don’t know why Im not writing it.

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