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I think this tweet is pretty witty, and it comes from this tweety cartoon character who gets the name from an article in The New York Times, “A tweety cartoon character named “Tweety” (created by cartoonist Paul Giamatti) is the latest face of a growing movement to reclaim the word “tweet” from its derogatory, pejorative, and overused connotations.

This tweet has a very different theme than I expected. It’s a bit more generic than the previous tweet, but with no specific examples of how the word is used. It’s just a different word. This tweet might be seen as more of a parody than a real message.

I was thinking the phrase “tweeting” is used to describe the act of sending a message that you get an immediate response from, but this new tweet seems to be more generic and is more of a joke. But its a joke in a way, because that’s one of the more common connotations that you have for the word “tweet.

I think the tweets are a bit more generic than the other two, because it’s just a way of speaking about the world. It’s not something I would use in a traditional post (or any other type of content) and I don’t think I would use it as a message. But I’m glad I did. It’s very much an expression of the people who use it.

So far, I’ve seen only one person use the word in a tweet. I think it works because it has a specific meaning, but its a bit generic and I think people are just using it as a way of speaking about the world in general.

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