Understand Chicken Butt Donuts Before You Regret.

Chicken Butt Donuts

Everybody loves donuts very much around the globe. A donut is like a fried dough that people consume as a sweet snack. You can make donuts at home or buy them from shops, convenience stores, cafes, or fast-food restaurants. This sweet snack is deep-fried from a flour dough, and then multiple toppings and flavorings are utilized, such as sugar, chocolate, or maple glazing. These are the two common kinds of donuts, and you can find them anywhere: the ring donut and the filled donut. This sweet snack is consumed with coffee and also with milk. People of every age group love donuts a lot, it is a favorite snack of the kids. This sweet snack is also a famous breakfast option in the morning. People indeed eat donuts in their breakfast sometimes. There are also multiple benefits of this sweet snack. The sugar in donuts helps you with both concentration and memory. Every year, more than 10 billion donuts are made in the United States.

Chicken Butt Donuts

American people consume donuts in a high quantity. There are many shops in the U.S where you can get the best donuts with lots of varieties. Donut shops are masters in the development and retail sales of donuts. Sometimes it is tough to pick the best place to have this sweet snack. You have also thought about where you can eat the most delicious donuts. If you are looking for a great donut shop in the United States, you are at the correct place. This article will assist you in finding the perfect donut shop for you. We want to inform you regarding a great donut shop named Chicken Butt Donuts. You should check about it as they provide good quality of donuts, and received appreciation from everyone. You will have a wonderful experience here, that we can assure you. So here you can know everything about this donut shop involving its menu. So keep reading for all the details regarding this donut shop:

Chicken Butt Donuts

Chicken Butt Donuts is a well-known donut shop in the town of Chaplin. They provide different types of donuts to their customers. Chicken Butt Donuts was started by Tre Dabney and his wife named Sue back in November 2018. Also, the founders gave the name to the donut shop by the inspiration from their kids’ jokes. You have also listened to someone say, “Guess What?” and the person they were discussing to say “Chickenbutt.” So, the name of this donut shop is inspired by the expression “Guess What Chicken Butt.” This expression is mentioned in the Chicken Butt meme many times. This donut shop is receiving popularity for its tasty donuts, and the food critics have also appreciated Chicken Butt Donuts. They use fresh ingredients every day to make the different types of donuts. Talking about food allergy, you should know that food prepared here may contain these ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, soybeans, peanuts, and tree nuts.

They charge a reasonable price for their tasty donuts. The staff members of this place are also friendly and helpful towards customers. Chicken Butt Donuts is the best place to have the cake donuts. They are available for delivery as well. They are also taking care of all the precautions regarding the coronavirus pandemic. So you can buy donuts from them without any worry. The address of this donut shop is 2130 Dutch Fork Rd, Suite B Chapin SC 29036. They open seven days a week, so you can come here any day to taste yummy donuts. Guess what, Chicken Butt Donuts is the best place to have delicious donuts.

Chicken Butt Donuts Menu

You can visit the Chicken Butt Donuts shop for having both breakfast and lunch. They serve tasty donuts to their customers and also provide different flavors, frostings, and toppings. One thing we can assure you that you will get different options on their menu. They have donuts for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. All donuts start as vanilla or chocolate cake-like donuts. You can then add a glaze: Regular, Chocolate, Maple, etc. Then, for the toppings, you can choose Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar, etc. You should visit here to eat their donuts for once. If you have already planned to visit this donut shop, make sure to check the latest menu. It will save you plenty of time. 

Chicken Butt Donuts

So we have come up with the menu of the Chicken Butt donuts. So you will get an idea about all the items that you can purchase from them. In the menu, you can also find the prices of the different donuts. So check the Chicken Butt Donuts menu below:


Single donuts$1.75 to $2.50
1/2 Dozen $9.50


Simple 6$7.00
Simple Dozen$11.75


Chickens Choice Half Dozen$8.50
Chickens Choice Dozen$14.50
Chicken Split Dozen$13.50
Chicken Mix Dozen$14.25


1/2 Dozen$10.00
Chicken Butt Donuts


Hot Coffee 10oz $1.65 / 16oz $2.25
Iced Coffee16oz $3.75 / 24oz $4.50 
Bags of Loveland Chickenbutt House Blend$15.00
Bottled Drink

Bag O’ Butts or Mutants

So apart from the typical menu items, Chicken Butt Donuts also provide options like Bag O’ Butts and Mutants. Bag O’ Butts refers to the things this donut shop doesn’t sell at the end of each day. So that’s Bags of Butts, flavors, and quantity differs from day to day. These are the prices for Bag O’ Butts options: Same Day: $5, Day Old: $3, and Two Day Old: $1.50.

On the other hand, Mutants are the strangely shaped donuts at the end of the batch that can’t be sold. So, this donut shop bags them up and trades them as Mutants. Sizes, shapes, and quantities differ day to day. These are the prices for the Mutants options: Same Day: $5, Day Old: $3, and Two Day Old: $1.50. Both Bag O’ Butts or (BOB’s) or Mutants are sell-out very quick. 


I hope you all like everything about the shop Chicken Butt Donuts. They are just the best in the business, providing tasty donuts to the customers for years. You won’t find plenty of variety in the donuts like this anywhere. Every day, they make fresh donuts for the customers, and that’s the best part. People come here with family and enjoy the tasty donuts. Food critics and customers have appreciated this donut shop a lot as they are providing the best quality donuts. If anybody comes to Chicken Butt Donuts, they will indeed discover something for them to eat. Anybody can come to this donut shop. You will not regret spending money here as the donuts are worth it.

All the staff members are present to help you and make your time memorable. So in the end, we want to say that if you are looking for the best donuts, then Guess What, Chicken Butt is the perfect place for it. So you should put this donut shop on your list and visit it soon to eat their delicious donuts with your loved ones. You should visit Chicken Butt Donuts at least once, and you will get a great experience for sure.

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