when do desert plants perform photosynthesis

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The fact is that this isn’t exactly a simple question. For a plant to photosynthesize, it needs to be in a dark, oxygen-free environment. The amount of light available is dependent on the amount of soil in your container and the amount of vegetation in your garden. If you don’t have a lot of soil, a very dark environment is needed. If you have very little soil, a bright, light environment is needed.

A desert plant is one plant that, under the most ideal conditions, will grow without a canopy, with only the light shining through the soil and any surface soil, and will not attempt to photosynthesize. Plants like this are called desert plants.

Desert plants are typically quite self-sufficient plants, so if you have a desert garden, you can be confident that the plants are using as much of the available light as it can, and that their photosynthesis is not limited to just the soil and the soil. Plants like this are called desert plants. Plants like this need a lot of light and are not very self-sufficient.

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