why did the marathas want to expand beyond the deccan

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It’s a good question. The answer is probably complex, but if you’ve watched the popular TV show, “Maratha,” you’ll know that the show focuses on the machan (village), which is a collection of villages that grew together. It covers the history of the ancient Indian community, how their culture is changing, and their efforts to get the community of Maharashtra to expand to other parts of the country, including the east.

Maratha has always been about this idea of the community becoming bigger, spreading out and forming an empire. Over the past century or so, the idea has been expanded to the concept of the Maratha Empire. The reason the Maratha Empire is what the show is about is that India is the largest country in the world, and Maratha culture is deeply rooted in this idea of regional power and empire.

That’s what’s so important about the show. It is India’s story, told from the perspective of a small group of people with a vested interest in the success of the country. The show is an attempt to help people understand the importance of this idea and the value it brings to the country.

The Maratha Empire is a state established by the Mughal rulers who were ruled from Delhi. Prior to the Maratha Empire, the Mughal rulers ruled from Delhi. The Mughal rulers established the empire to rule from the sea. Because their empire was built on sand, they also had to build an inland empire.

The Maratha Empire was a powerful empire that was built on sand, but was unable to grow. The Mughal Empire was built on a land filled with rice, with fertile land that was surrounded by a sea of rice. The rice was the land they built. While many of these rice-making Mughal rulers were also the rulers of the Marathas. They were known as the Marathas, because a vast number of them were ruling the country.

In the new trailer, we see the Marathas’ first attempt at expansion, when they finally realized they needed to build an inland empire. They decided they would trade the rice they were growing to the world, that they could now grow their own crops and build a new empire. These were the people who built the great walls of India. They built the Mughal Empire, and they were really quite the powerful empire.

The problem here is that the Marathas lost their empire to a group called the Mughal Empire (not to be confused with the Mughal Empire). The Mughal Empire lasted long enough to build the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, and a slew of other incredible things. The Marathas lost their empire to the Mughal Empire, and so now they are stuck wandering the countryside like the other Mughal Empire refugees.

The Maratha Empire is over in India and they are stuck there. The Mughal Empire is over on the other side of the world, and they are stuck there. While the Marathas lost their empire, the other Mughal Empire was wiped out by an invading force, and they are stuck there.

There is one thing that can be said about the Mughal Empire and that is that it survived the last few hundred years because it was able to expand. But what happens when a force from beyond the Mughal Empire shows up? This is where the Maratha Empire shines. The Marathas are the only tribe in the world that is willing to risk war and bloodshed to expand.

The Maratha Empire is the only “outsider” tribe in the world, the others being the Mughals, the Marathas, the Nayars, the Oudh, the Koli, and the Peshwa. The Mughals have been the dominant power since the 1600s. The Maratha’s power started to decline with the rise of the British, the Mughals lost their empire, and the Mughals are now firmly entrenched in India.

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