why is northern hemisphere called the land hemisphere

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I guess the concept is that our land-based senses get stronger as we get older, so we can better feel the world around us. The more of a land-based person you are, the less you may be able to sense the world around you. It’s also an interesting concept because we are physically closer to the center of the Earth and the Earth’s rotation is about a 22.5-degree angle.

Another interesting concept is that the land and water are polar opposites. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are far away from the poles, and in the Southern Hemisphere, we are close to the poles. I can’t explain why, but it’s a fascinating concept.

Basically, the Earth’s equator is where our planet is in relation to the Sun. All the planet’s continents, oceans, polar caps, and tectonic plates are placed on this axis. The farther away from the equator we are, the farther away from the poles we are. The Northern Hemisphere is the land-based side of the planet, and the Southern Hemisphere is the water-based side.

This is also what makes the Northern Hemisphere the land hemisphere. To be precise, its the land hemisphere because it has the most land, the most people, and the most cities. The equator is where the oceans and mountains meet, and that’s why it’s called the southern hemisphere. Because its the land hemisphere, we can’t really get to the North Pole.

Northern Hemisphere. The land-based side of the globe, north of the equator. The land is where there are most of the people who live on the land. When you are north of the equator you are in the land. When you are south of the equator you are on the water. The North Pole is the pole of the land. When you go south of the equator you are on the water.


The land-based part of the northern hemisphere is where the majority of the people live, with the exception of the Antarctic. The Antarctic is a place of ice and glaciers that cover about half of the Earth’s surface. The polar ice caps are called the arctic caps because they are so much bigger than the land one. The arctic caps cover the largest part of Northern Europe, the largest part of the United States, and the largest part of Canada.

Wherever you go, you are on your own. This is our home page, and it’s not just the most popular one, it’s the most interesting. As you can see, the vast majority of our life-time activities are on our own, and we have lots of information to find out about them.

The Arctic is the northern hemisphere. We are the land hemisphere. Wherever you go, you are on your own.

Well, we can’t all live in the Arctic, but there are plenty of places where you can find yourself on your own. At least in the north, there are plenty of people who live on their own.

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