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by Radhe Gupta

Write for us skin care

At Write for us, skincare, we publish articles and videos to educate readers on health, fitness, beauty, and fashion. Any topics that are relevant to trends in those areas are good.

If you have a skin care routine or experience with something like acne, then we accept guest posts about your journey from your own perspective. You can also share any skin tips you have or general information on skin care that’s useful for our readers (e.g., “best drugstore moisturizers,” “must-have masks,” etc.)!

Questions related to Article Submission.

What is write for us?

Answer: Write for Us is a platform with a collective of talented writers who will produce guest posts and articles for you on behalf of your publication.

We’re an agency that pairs clients with creatives to help them execute projects, such as staff writer positions or editorial interns (to name just a few). We work with locals, freelancers from around the globe, and many publications you know and love.

The creative talent opens an opportunity to create custom content that resonates authentically with your audience and readership. We also offer conference opt-in services where we find speakers for small events through our network of thousands in exchange for expedited speaking slots at conferences; book doctoring services that give one-on-one editorial support.

Where can I write and get paid?

Answer: Successful independent writers consistently market and promote their platform

Guest posts are a great way to get your work showcased. Platforms like Medium are always looking for good content with a strong point of view, so reach out.

If you want to be paid, then aim at having an audience that will pay you directly: people who sign on for your delivering periodic updates (e.g., twice per month, quarterly). This kind of arrangement can be quite lucrative because the “audience” typically pays more than the individual article would going into a subscription or Patreon account.

Why We Pay Writers for Guest Posts?

Answer: Today, many major content sites offer “guest posts” to attract great content. And while offering guest posts and becoming a site that’s attractive to other writers seems like the way to go for paying writers, there are some drawbacks.

The blogosphere is up for grabs these days, and it’s usually a free-for-all out there on the web. Companies will pay you to guest post on your website because they want access to your readers, but they don’t want to have the hassle of reaching out themselves; they just want their content in front of viewers who might not know that company existed before.

So if you’re looking for income streams in today’s rapidly evolving online world, this may be something that interests you! We’re always seeing offers from companies looking to sponsored posts, popular blogs, and websites with different purposes geared towards certain markets or segments of consumers – so please contact us if you find yourself nodding along with this explanation!

Where should you send your pitch?

Answer: Pitch us. If we’ve already posted about your topic, it’s best to write a different post on that same subject, but if we haven’t yet reached out to you. Just contact submit anything and let us know the topic you want to talk about!

Whom do we allow to publish?


We’re looking for guest contributors who are experienced writers. If you have an article idea, please contact us here.

If you’re a freelance writer in another field and want to write about something related, we might be interested in the articles as well. 

Why is guest posting important for your business?


Guest posting is a part of the content strategy for growing your customer base and increasing your visibility online. It’s also important if you’re an SEO agency or consultant; sometimes it’s nice to share someone else ID on those old spammy forums to continue building quality links and establishing a brand reputation with new prospects. But at the end of the day, this is all about quality over quantity.

You don’t want people thinking you’re just some startup jerk trying to capitalize on their attention by using every tactic in the book and crawl up inside their browser window. All that does is give you lower conversion rates, fewer customers, reduced customer satisfaction… so guest posting should be handled tastefully in order to see return visits later down the line

Who Can Submit An Article?

Answer: We only accept guest posts on certain topics so please email our editors if you have an idea for an article and are not sure whether it fits in with our selection criteria.

We prefer submissions from professional writers, freelance writing experts, journalism, or PR and can apply by sending us the credentials and any samples of previous work.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

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Answer: It is possible to write for us if specific skills are available. However, we also need posts about skin care and skin treatments – so please use your skill sets to post original content. We publish articles on skincare with an emphasis on the easiest, cheapest and fastest methods and product reviews to keep your skin looking its best.

Skin care is a major beauty industry consisting of many important parts including cosmetics, acne treatments, sun blockers/bracers, natural remedies, backpacks/containers (for storing all of these items while out), makeup applicators/tools that cleanse or moisturize surfaces with makeup agents.

Who Are We Publishing For?

Answer: We strive to publish quality content relevant and interesting for all readers. Anything you write should motivate us to publish it because we think the reader would get something out of it that they couldn’t find anywhere else online. We might sometimes share your article on Facebook or Twitter.

That’s why it’s important that whatever you write for us will be worth sharing–not just with the readers of this site but also across Facebook and Twitter as well! One way is for your post to include ideas from other popular blogs; social media experts say people like reading these posts.

What you should follow while ”write for us”?

Answer: Skincare is a huge topic, with various procedures costing hundreds of dollars. There are many different skin conditions that affect people in varying ways. We recommend doing a lot of research first to ensure the product you’re advertising is the right one for this specific patient’s needs- and not just sitting back and collecting money.

All the guidelines are given below:

1) 500-600 words complete article. Include all the relevant information.

2) Created by a medical professional or salon industry expert who has access to health insurance, preferably dermatology or cosmetology related (Meticulously edited by an editor outside of your field will help establish your credibility if you are fortunate enough to be published.)

3) Of course not everyone can afford cosmetic surgery or laser treatments so it would be great to hear about the alternatives and some practical advice.

4)Plagiarizing, including using the work of other writers without attribution or crediting them by name in your article. All intellectual property (original articles and photos) should belong exclusively to you.

Enjoy writing content as much as you enjoy taking care of your skin! Contact our editors for more queries.

Email: [email protected]