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Randy Orton (born Robert Anthony Orton) is a professional wrestler best known for his work in WCW and WWE. Orton competed in the WWF/WCW World Heavyweight Championship from 1998-2005, briefly returning in 2010 to challenge the popular AJ Styles for the title. Orton also competed in the main event of the 2002 WWF Unforgiven.

Orton has had a long career as a professional wrestler and is no stranger to the wrestling business. He’s won the World Heavyweight Championship twice, and has also held the World Tag Team Championship twice.

On the eve of the final match for the championship, Orton is seen to be backstage with his wife and daughter. As the crowd is chanting, “Orton, Orton, Orton!” Orton, still shirtless, runs out of the dressing room, grabs the mic, and announces, “I’m the most evil man alive,” before giving a rousing speech that gets the crowd involved and chanting his name.

Orton, the villain in the new WWE movie, has yet to be confirmed as the title character. He is also rumoured to be part of a storyline involving two of the main characters. The storyline is said to involve him being the head of a mafia family that is trying to take over the WWE. It is said that he has killed before, and also has a wife and daughter who are in a coma.

The new WWE movie will be released on March 21. It follows the story of The New Age Movement, which is a group of wrestlers that have taken interest in The WWE and that have taken their own storyline. The storyline will involve a character known as Orton who is a villain who has a history with the WWE. It’s said that he is the leader of the mafia family that is trying to take over the WWE and that has been attempting to take the WWF.

Orton is the evil son of the mob boss who was recently killed by the WWE. He has a history of wanting to take over the WWE, but he’s also in the mafia and has his own plan to stop them from making their mark.

The storyline will take place in a new WWE house, but since the show won’t be on the air for long, that shouldn’t be too big of a deal. We will see more than one story unfold, and that should include Orton.

Orton is a big time star with quite a few people thinking he is a real threat in the WWE universe. He has been involved in numerous feuds with the Undertaker and Kane, but he is still a huge star and will be one of the most popular stars in the world. If you dont like Orton, you might want to watch the movie The Rock and Sin Cara.

If we’re talking about the WWE, not the WWE, then we’re talking about Orton. He’s the lead man and the lead player in the WWE, and if he does start a feud with the current WWE title, then we should be able to see the whole show and see what the WWE guy is up to. Orton must be a great fit for WWE, right? He’s a good guy for the team.

Kane is the great star of the WWE, and he is a great guy to work with. He is the main man for the WWE, and he is more of a rocker than a bad guy. If we take out a good wrestler, and we do a good job with him, then we should be able to see how the WWE is doing and how his career is doing and how his fans are doing.

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