Benefits of a pass-through socket set

by Ethan More
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A pass-through socket is a socket type that enables a stud to completely pass through a tool, with the ratchet gripping the exterior of the socket instead of the centre. This means that the pass-through socket can be used for longer studs or for studs that have to be gripped while a fastener is being removed. 

Examples of this include shock studs that can be extremely challenging to keep held in place while the nut is being removed. 

What can you use a pass-through socket set for?

One of the major benefits of a pass-through socket set is that they are perfect for the removal and installation of fasteners on long studs that would not be reachable by a standard socket while the ratcheting action also provides speed and torque. 

Can standard sockets be replaced by pass through socket sets?

Pass-through sockets can perform the same tasks as standard sockets in the majority of instances. However it is a good idea to continue to make use of standard sockets when performing tasks in which a great deal of force is required such as torquing log nuts. In most cases however a pass-through socket can be substituted for a standard one. 

Are pass-through sockets universal?

Pass-through sockets cannot be used with all pass-through ratchets as different styles are made by different companies. The good news however is there are at least two common drive lug styles that are currently in use and a socket with the right drive lug can be used with a brand ratchet that also utilises that particular style. 

Do sockets often fall out of ratchets?

Because of the nature of the specific design there is a higher risk of pass-through ratchet sets falling out when the fastener is being reached for. There are some designs that are superior to others, and it is important to do research to ensure you are getting the best type to securely hold all sockets. 

Why do ratchets slip on stuck bolts?

The majority of pass-through ratchets make use of fine teeth in regards to the gearing so that small-arc motions are allowed. The only problem with this is that it does make it easier the gears to slip during the removal or installation of a fastener for which a lot of force will be required. For such fastener types it would be better to use either an impact gun or standard sockets. 

Even with the best pass through socket sets on the market today, specific designs will always come with limitations. The important trick is to make sure you are using the right tool for the particular job as you cannot really replace with the other. 

The major benefit of the pass through socket system as a specialty tool are its incredible versatility when dealing with a number of tasks that require a low clearance, thin-walled ratchet that have minute ratchet arc angle. The pass through socket sets will also be useful more often than it might seem and will make the user’s life much easier. For a wide range of socket sets visit RS Components. 


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